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We are a local digital marketing agency specialising in advertising and content, social media and Google ads. We create and manage social media pages and help businesses become more visible online. We design online campaigns, monitor results and optimize in order to get obtain the best ROI. In addition to this, we also provide SEO services to improve Google Search Ranking to drive traffic towards your business.Did you know?
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Our Services

In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected services are available
Social Media
Social media is being used by people of all ages and it has never been more important to have a strong social media presence. We create posts and ads, and manage customer interactions on social media pages. We are your one-stop shop for all things social
Being at the top of Google is important when over 90% of consumers are searching on Google for products and services. We work to improve business' SEO performance by keeping up to date with the latest trends to improve SEO rankings with both on page and off page deliverables
We plan and create blog content to drive audience engagement and improve traffic to your website. We are experienced in a variety of writing styles and offer the following blog types: feature, interview, journalistic and reviews
Copywriting for Web
Great copy is of utmost importance for your website to ensure you reach the top of a Google Search. We create copy for your website based on industry trends and keyword research to ensure your website contains the most relevant content
We have a level of expertise in PR Coverage from Press Releases written and released to the media to organizing PR events to inform audiences about your products and services. We also write interviews and feature articles to be distributed both on digital platforms and for local printed publications
Google Ads
Ensuring your business is present on Google when your product is searched for is our top priority. With over 93% of consumers searching for products and services on Google, we ensure you have visibility on the search engine by creating and managing your Google Ads
Email Marketing
We design enewsletters and create content to provide audiences with relevant information about your business' products and services. With specific audience targeting and A/B testing, our aim is to generate sales leads and acquire engagement and interaction with customers

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E-mail: info@cbcreators.com Phone: (+356) 9913 1983